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Promotional Web Site

For new customers, we offer a great deal on a complete web hosting and site design package. This is a complete web site and includes one .com or .net domain name (subject to availability), one full year of our Basic Small Business web hosting plan, site template (custom or purchased (up to $69)**), and 14 complete web pages based on the site template.*

Your costs would be

Your complete 14 page web site including twelve (12) months of web hosting and your domain name for only $299. (Additional pages and/or photos can be added for the above rates of $10 per page and $1 per photo.)

Bonus: We've got some nifty scripts for site maps, and server status that we'll include free of charge. We'll also sign your site up with Google's Site Analytics and Site Map services so you can track the success of your site.

Your $299 purchase covers your complete web site for the first year, after that it's $39 per year plus any on-going maintenance costs you may choose.

* we define a page as using a maximized browser on a common screen width of 800 or 1024 pixels wide by no more than 2 screens long. Pages based on site design template.

**See our page of template sites. If you choose a free template that validates both XHTML and CSS, we will build five (5) additional pages for your site.

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