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Programming Services

Mike Royalty is the head nerd here at MRtopia. He has over 27 years of programming experience in many different computer languages. He started in the late 1970s before the first PC was even built and has written and marketed several applications that are still in use today.

Programming web sites is both a science and an art - creating a fast site with an intuitive user interface is our primary goal. We are experienced in PHP and my SQL, both are very popular server side languages in use today. We are also versed in client side technologies like JavaScript.

Building a full fledged web based application is a time intensive endeavor - and with most programming projects, it's easy to finish 90% of the program in 10% of the time - it's that last 10% that always takes the longest.

If you don't need a full blown web application, using our programming experience and abilities, it's easy for us to enhance your site with some custom programming - we can create secure login areas, site maps, simple databases with ease.

I guess the point here is - if you want something special, don't hesitate to ask for it - I maintain that everything is possible and I've never turned down a reasonable request.

Our custom programming services run $75 per hour, but with over 27 years of writing code, in many cases, I may have a chunk of code that can be modified in a timely fashion to suit your needs thus saving you money.

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