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Pricing Plans

Our services are available in four distinct pricing plans that include

  1. Per Item charges are perfect for those who desire services like form conversion, graphics and artwork design and/or optimization.  Please consult our complete list of our per item charges.
  2. Hourly Basis - without monthly retainer Our current hourly rate is US$40 per hour, billable in 1/10th hour (6 minutes).  There is a minimum charge of 1 hour, for customers who do not have an annual, monthly retainer relationship.
  3. Hourly Basis - with monthly retainer - this is an annual contract available in a minimum of 10 hours per month. We provide a discount to our pricing in exchange for a longer term agreement between the parties. Hours worked each month beyond the retainer limits are billed at our normal hourly rate as specified in the contract.
  4. Contract Pricing - for a set price. Payments milestones are established in the contract. The contract also addresses the inherent issues of "on the fly" changes.
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