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Per Item Pricing

Most of our services are available on a "Per Item" basis, and a list of current prices is listed below.  We have tried to list any and all services that we have performed in the past or anticipate a need for, but undoubtedly, this is not a complete list.  Please contact us if you have any questions, or need services that are not listed.  All prices are listed in US Dollars.

Web Page Design Services Price
Initial Template Layout & Basic Site $150
Single Web Page - not more than two screens in length with a width of 800 or 1024 pixels $10 per page
additional charge for each graphic, photo, or music file $1 each
additional charge for each script $5 each
Graphics/Artwork Services
(includes file optimization)
Graphics Table Border creation  $10 each
Scanning of Artwork or Graphics (8.5"x11" max) $5 each
General Graphics Creation depends
Document Conversion Services Price
Convert your Word, WordPerfect, or JPG file to Adobe PDF file $5 per page
Convert your Word, WP or JPG file to fillable Adobe PDF form $50 per page
Convert your graphic from/to JPG, GIF, PNG, MIX, MIC, etc. $5 each
Other Services Price
Programming in Borland Pascal or Delphi $75 per hour
Web Research of your subject $40 per hour
Database Design $75 per hour
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