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Image Optimization Example

This page shows an example of the same image in various states of optimization.

Photo #1 is 2592 pixels wide x 1944 pixels tall and weighs in at a whopping 1.18 MB in size. This photo is just as it came off my camera. The only thing I have done here is used the attributes of the HTML <img /> tag to restrict the display to 400x300 pixels. That's what you see, but your computer had to download 1.18MB since the photo is really 2592x1944, your browser software re-sized it for me.

Kitten - Original

Photo #2 shows the same image that was resized in a graphics program and saved without any JPEG compression. This photo is truly 400x300 with a file size of 102 KB - that's less than 10% of the original.

Kitten - Resized

Photo #3 shows the same photo after being optimized using the XAT Image Optimizer software. It's still a true 400x300, but we applied both a 70% JPEG compression and XAT's Magic Wand Compression - it now has a file size of 20 KB.

Just for the record - when I apply the XAT Image Optimizer software using the same parameters as Photo #3 to the original as shown in Photo #1, I still have a 2592x1944 photo, but the file size drops 552 KB.

Kitten - Optimized

Photo #4 - the final version has been enhanced, resized to 400x300, drop shadow added - final file size is 19 KB - that's less than 2% of the original Photo #1. And can you tell any difference in any of the four?

Kitten - Optimized and Enhanced

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