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Domain Names For Sale

We have several domain names that we are trying to sell. These are currently listed on GoDaddy's Domain Aftermarket site You can visit there and search for these names, or feel free to contact us directly.

Current Listings

Prices shown are my asking price, but I am accepting offers. I prefer to sell names listed on the same line together.

The four (4) DFW Massage names really need to stay together as well. They all currently point to the same existing site that seems to generate some decent traffic. I am willing to negotiate on this as a complete set of four names, and here's why.

I've had Google Analytics on that site since mid September 2006. From 9/2006 through 12/2006, the site had 244 visits with 815 page views (average of 3.34 pages/visit) - visitors makeup for that 3.5 month period was 93% New Visitors. All visits to the site came from the following sources

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