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Custom Design Services

MRtopia provides custom design services on a contract or 'a la carte' basis. Being a small firm, we prefer to work a project from start to finish before taking on additional work. When you choose MRtopia for your design service, you can rest assured that we will work with you on your site until it is ready and online.

Custom site design starts with some basic questions like

Many more questions need to be addressed, but after the Q&A process, we start working up a proposal for your site - basic layout, color scheme and a few mocked up pages.

After your review and acceptance, we will work with you to build your site - you provide the content, we'll get it laid out in a simple, yet innovative design that is standards compliant.

We strive to keep the total page size small to provide a quick, informative, and enjoyable web browsing experience for your audience.

Template design takes some time - mostly due to the communication we'll ahve to do until we get what you want. There's always the issues of 1) What you mean to say, 2) What you say, 3) What I hear, 4) What I think you mean - it's kinda like charades in a way.

If you prefer a quicker path, there are many nicely designed, CSS & XHTML compliant templates available on the web. I have put together a page of links to sites I have reviewed that have some nice templates.

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